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Venezuela's opposition, in close coordination with US, has redoubled its efforts to change the situation in the country.

Iran Press/America: The Trump administration is trying to apply economic pressure to Venezuela's left-leaning government, headed by president  Nicolas Maduro, and at the same time the administration has also threatened to take military action against Venezuela.

Venezuela's opposition, so keen to get rid of Maduro, are also egging on the Trump administration to take military action against Caracas.

Ominously, in an interview on Friday 8 February, Juan Guaidó, the 'self-proclaimed president' refused to rule out the possibility of US military intervention in Venezuela and even hinted that he may be forced to authorize US military action if he cannot find any other way to oust the democratically-elected president Nicolas Maduro.

Juan Guaidó told AFP that US intervention is 'a very controversial subject,' the outlet reported.

Responding to recent remarks by Guaidó, Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.), a member of the House Armed Services Committee who describes himself as a staunch voice for restraint in foreign policy on Saturday warned Venezuelan opposition leader and self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaidó against any attempt to authorize US military force to strengthen his claim to power.

The new political crisis in Venezuela began when Guaidó called himself president on 23 January, with the Trump administration immediately backing his claim. The Venezuelan government described Guido's action as an attempted coup d'etat against the elected president Nicholas Maduro.

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Following Guido's move, the US president Donald Trump, recently announced that he would consider military intervention to deal with Maduro in Venezuela. Many countries, including Iran, Russia, China, Cuba, Turkey, South Africa, and Uruguay, have condemned US threats and behavior, emphasizing the need to respect Venezuela's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Evidence suggests that with the escalation of the current crisis in Venezuela, the possibility of Washington's military intervention to bring its puppets to power in Caracas is increasing.

In this regard, some reports indicate White House officials' direct contact with Venezuelan army, pledging to army officers that a coup against Maduro's government will be undertaken.

An unnamed White House official revealed that the United States is preparing another round of sanctions against Caracas, while at the same time establishing direct contacts with members of the Venezuelan army asking them to join the opposition leader Juan Guaidó.

In spite of America's attempts to woo top military brass in Venezuela, very few Venezuelan officers and commanders have turned their back on Maduro.

That's why Trump administration acknowledges that Washington is still not sure if these calls will lead to a divide in Maduro's supporters', because the United States and the Venezuelan opposition have already expressed such a demand with the military but the Venezuelan army is still loyal to Maduro.

The United States and its allies are pushing for sanctions and supporting the opponents of Nicolas Maduro.

According to Maduro, Washington is trying to destabilize Venezuela, but it will not succeed.

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The US sees itself as a world superpower that can force its demands on other countries, but now international powers such as Russia and China, as well as states opposed to domination and hegemony of the US in different parts of the world, are seriously challenging this approach.

Now there is an international confrontation over the future of Venezuela, in which the Western Bloc, led by the United States and its regional allies in Latin America, want to topple Venezuela's Maduro despite the will of the people.

However, most Venezuelan people and the army continue to support Nicolas Maduro as the country's legal president. 208/211/102

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Written by: Seyyed Reza Mirtaher