Feb 15, 2019 14:47 Asia/Tehran

Tehran's Interim Friday Prayers Leader called the 'epic' participation of the Iranian in the 'Bahman 22' rally a 'strong slash' to the face of evils and enemies of Iran.

Iran Press/Iran news: Hojatoleslam Mohammad Javad Ali Akbari in his Friday Prayer Sermons praised Iranians’ massive turnout in Bahman 22 rallies (11 Feb) in occasion of the 40th anniversary of Islamic Revolution victory and said: "Iranian nation once again demonstrated the most beautiful and surprising collective glory.

Tehran's Interim Friday Prayers Leader called 'thanksgiving' and 'patient' as the most important specification of a divine nation and said:  Iranian nation massive presence in 11 Feb rallies in occasion of the 40th anniversary of Islamic Revolution was the symbol of Iranian nation thanksgiving, Iran Press reported.

“The huge participation of people in 11 February rallies was one of the signs of Iranian’s collective glory, which, once again, showed the nation’s unity and integrity to the world,” Hojatoleslam Ali Akbari said during this week’s Friday prayers sermon in Tehran.

He added that the massive turnout was also a warning to the traitors and enemies of the Islamic Republic.

"Despite the pressures against Iran, millions of Iranians took to streets across the country to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution and these massive rallies bore many messages to enemies and the most important one was that the Iranian nation will never surrender to them," Tehran's Interim Friday Prayers Leader emphasized.

Hojatoleslam Ali Akbari also reminded the message of leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei for the 40th anniversary of Islamic Revolution victory a 'roadmap' for Iranian nation in the current situation to behave more Revolutionary for progress in the future.

Tehran's Interim Friday Prayers Leader condemned the Wednesday’s deadly terrorist attack in southern Sistan and Balouchestan province in Khash-Zahedan road which killed and wounded dozens of IRGC border guards and said: "This terrorist attack is a sign of the enemies’ frustration over the huge turnout of millions of Iranians in the public rallies which struck a strong slap in the face of global arrogance."

The senior cleric said such cowardly measures can never undermine the integrity and unity of the Iranian nation. 205/103

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