Feb 11, 2019 19:37 Asia/Tehran

A top Iranian official has called independence and boosting of national confidence as the main achievements of the Islamic revolution of Iran.

Iran Press/Iran news: Iranian politician and the current President of Supreme Audit Court of Islamic Republic of Iran, Adel Azar in an exclusive interview with the Iran Press called 'independence and confidence of the nation' among the most important achievements of the 4- decade -old Islamic Revolution of Iran, For he believed that the revolution helped the Iranian nation understand they could stand on their own feet.

Azar went on to call 'the significance and importance granted to women, especially in education, and to young people as another striking achievement of the Islamic revolution.

Azar said: "Today, women make up more than half of all university graduates in Iran, and a significant number of top managers are women, a great achievement for women."

Top Iranian official also said that in the present time, the supervisory role of the Supreme Audit Court has enabled it to effectively oversee the executive branch of the government, monitoring the incomes and expenses of the executive branch of government , controlling the public purse.

Azar said that under the Shah, there was no proper oversight and supervision of Government revenues and expenditure, and that the Shah could dissolve the Supreme Audit Court with a single decree at any time he wished. Thus the Supreme Audit Court before the revolution was just window-dressing with no real power. 

Adel Azar added: "Today, however, the message of Imam Khomeini's school of thought is heard throughout the world."

Adel Azar's comments came on the sidelines of the nationwide rallies on Monday morning, marking the 40th anniversary of the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution.   104/ 211 / 203

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