Feb 09, 2019 17:43 Asia/Tehran
  • Beginning of fifth decade of Iran's Revolution; 'All come together': Report

The Islamic revolution is on the verge of commemorating its 40th victory anniversary and entering the fifth decade of its life in the face of mounting pressure on the Iranian nation.

Iran Press/Iran news: On Monday, February 11, the day Islamic Revolution of Iran attained victory 40 years ago, 'All come together' will be the national code.

In any juncture during the past 40 years when the enemies and ill-wishers have strived for the annihilation of the Islamic system, the Iranian people have always made history and brought the failure for enemies and yelled their support for the revolution, which according to the Supreme Leader of the revolution, has intimidated the enemy, Iran Press reported.

The great March of February 11 every year, in addition to the implications in consolidating the foundations of the country, is the manifestation of national determination and unity which is sending a message of Monophony and empathy to the Islamic world.


40 years of religious democracy, independence and freedom


On the eve of the 40th victory of the Revolution, the statements by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution about the importance of realizing the motto 'All are coming together' is the reminder which clearly reveals the path and responsibility of all of us.

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, in a meeting with the Islamic Republic Army's Air Force commanders, pilots and other personnel on Feb 08, 2019, announced that this year’s rally, commemorating the victory of the Islamic Revolution, will be greater than ever, stating, "I believe that this year the Bahman 22nd rally is going to be more majestic than those in the previous years.”

Finally, his Eminence ensured the nation of a brighter future ahead thanks to the heroic resistance of the Iranian people in the face of brutal enemies, further stating, "I assume a bright future awaits us. I am aware of the problems like inflation; the news gets to me; even more than to others. Yet, today the Iranian nation is standing up to a vicious and cunning enemy like a hero, like a prominent figure, and knows what it looks forward to. The ideals and goals are clear. The Iranian nation is backing the revolution with extreme power. There are also complaints, but this has not led the Iranian nation to let go of their dignity and pride. This is my view of the nation."105/210


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