Feb 06, 2019 16:59 Asia/Tehran

'Chehel Naghsh' Exhibition opened in Tehran's Niavaran Palace on the occasion of 'ten-day-dawn celebrations' (also known as ten days of Fajr celebrations).

Iran Press/Iran news: 'Chehel Naghsh' (40 Paintings) Expo featuring paintings and artworks of some prominent Iranian and foreign contemporary painters.

In an exclusive interview with Iran Press, Noushin Kamali, cultural deputy of Niavaran Palace Cultural Complex noted the 40 years of Niavaran Cultural Complex's efforts to promote cultural heritage in the society and said: "On the occasion of 40th anniversary of Islamic Revolution's victory and ten-days-of-Fajr (ten day dawn) celebrations, Niavaran Palace Cultural Complex, staged a gallery expo of 40 artworks by prominent contemporary Iranian and foreign painters."

Kamali added: "Chehel Naghsh expo includes different technique and style of painting, including oil paint, watercolors and lithography; also works of art by well-known artists Parviz Tanavoli, Zhazeh Tabatabaei, Bahman Mohasses and other Iranian artists were put on public display." 101/211 /205

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