Dec 08, 2018 10:00 Asia/Tehran

President Hassan Rouhani described Iran as a victim of terrorism and said, today, US and the West are 'safe havens for terrorists'.

Iran Press/Iran news: In a speech at the second inter-parliamentary conference on terrorism in Tehran on Saturday, Hassan Rouhani added, "We, the children of great civilizations, are subject to a full-scale assault that not only poses a threat to our identity and independence, but also is determined to break our long-standing bonds."

Rouhani also said, the country that has waged a trade war with China, taunted Pakistan, humiliated Afghanistan, punished Turkey, threatened Russia, and sanctioned Iran, is the prime suspect in breaking the relations, Iran Press reported.

Iranian president added: "If the United States thinks it is able to separate us, it should think again, because we won't be separated. We are here to say that we will not tolerate this insolence and will stand up to the US."

President Rouhani reiterated that wherever the United States contributes to the destruction of societies, we will not allow it to escape without paying a price. 

Offering eight solutions for the realization of a more powerful region, President stressed that Tehran is ready to cooperate in building a more powerful region; a region that is not enclosed in a certain geographical area, but the lighthouse for entering the post-American world.

Second inter-parliamentary conference on terrorism in which top parliamentarians from Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Russia, and China are taking part, kicked off in Tehran on Saturday. 101/202/211


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