Dec 06, 2018 07:11 Asia/Tehran
  • Iran's Petroleum Minister: OPEC does not take orders from Washington

Iran's Petroleum Minister Bijan Zangeneh said on Wednesday that OPEC is an independent organization and not part of US Energy Department. Thus OPEC does not take orders from Washington.

Iran news: According to an Iran Press report, quoting the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), on the eve of the 175th Meeting of OPEC in Vienna, Zangeneh added: "The US Special Representative for Iran in Vienna Brian Hook's meeting with certain OPEC members is unprofessional, amateurish and meddlesome. If Hook is in Vienna to apply for US membership of OPEC and meet with members for this purpose, it can be discussed at the OPEC meeting.”

But otherwise, Hook adopted an unprofessional and interfering method, as OPEC is an independent entity and not part of US Energy Department. Thus, OPEC does not take orders from Washington, Zangeneh said.

He refrained from commenting on Iran’s oil production and exports volume, saying the disclosure of this sensitive information would increase US pressure on Iran.

In response to a question on the OPEC’s oil reduction volume, he said, “it is not clear yet. We should wait and see what the OPEC member states will decide in this meeting.”

OPEC members meeting will be held on Thursday, as member and non-member producers are to convene on Friday.

Zangeneh left Tehran on Wednesday for Austria to attend the 175th OPEC meeting.

On November 30, 2016, OPEC members agreed to cut their overall output by 1.2 mbd to bring the group’s production to 32.5 mbd.

Ten days after the decision, OPEC and non-OPEC producers agreed to totally cut their output by 1.8 mbd; an agreement which was extended until the end of 2018.



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