Nov 17, 2018 22:23 Asia/Tehran

Seyyed Hassan Ghazizadeh Hashemi, Iran's Minister of Health and Medical Education said that 1404 Treatment Document is one of the main issue in the Ministry and will be finalized and introduced in following two months.

Iran Press/Iran news: This document will clearly define the scale of budget, number of needed human working sources until the year of 1404 AH to improve and reform treatment structure of the health and medical education ministry for people, Iranian health minister told reporters.

Ghazizadeh Hashemi said: "the 1404 Treatment Document define that how much of the reforms and expansions of treatment services and building hospitals and medical structures will be performed by government and how much should be done by private sector, Iran Press News agency reports.

According to 1404 document we will find that how many bed in hospital should be provided by government and how many treatment structures and centers can be invested by privet sector and also how non-governmental organizations can work in the medical equipment section and provide health and medical services for people across the country, Iran's health minister said.

This document will show even in which towns and cities private sectors can invest in treatment services and builing hospital, he added.

1404 Treatment Document even can define that for example how much laser devices, ultrasound machine, MRI and CT Scans systems and so on need until upcoming 7 years to 1404 AH, Minister of Health and Medical Education insisted.

Ghazizadeh Hashemi highlighting 1404 Treatment Document as a key tool for prevention of disorder in treatment centers and reduction of pressures and said: "we presented 1404 Health Document and maximum up to 2 months we will determine that how many employees we need for the mentioned period to planning for employment of needed human working resources."

Islamic Republic of Iran government of Hassan Rouhani are working on health system reform plans.President Hassan Rouhani recently said that the government will continue its efforts to completely implement the national health system reform plan.


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