Nov 05, 2018 19:03 Asia/Tehran

Iran health ministry spox said on Monday that life expectancy in Iran shows desirable increase due to medical striking achievements.

Iran news:   Iran's  spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Medical Education,  Dr Iraj Harirchi (MD) in an exclusive interview with Iran press news agency who was talking about Iran's medical achievements in the last 4 decades said that "life expectancy has been improved in Iran and shows desirable increase from the previous rates of under 50 to 76 years of age "in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He further explained that the striking achievement in treatment of the contagious diseases, infectious diseases and nutrition based diseases which have been made had been responsible for improvement of life expectancy in Iran. The top health official also said that for the same reason, the noncontagious diseases have been increased which are in turn, responsible for 78 to 80 percent of death rates in Iran.

As Harirchi told Iran press correspondent, there has been a document published for control of such diseases. Furthermore, the document has been approved by Iran's national health supreme council and then was signed by Iran's president Hassan Rouhani.

That is why in the last month, Iran was recognized as qualified country which deserves the international prize. Iran is also recognized as a model for other countries in fighting against noncontagious diseases specially Diabetes.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Medical Education also said on Monday that the health of 80 million Iranians is a priority for the ministry and government. His remarks came as he chaired  the  weekly conference in Tehran.

On Sep 9, Dr. Ahmed Al Mandhari (MD) in an interview with Iran press news agency, WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean, called Iran as  "a hub of health tourism."

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Earlier on UNFPA official, Leila Saiji Joudane on October 1, told Iran press correspondent that Iran life expectancy shows that people enjoy their lives happily in the developed country .



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