Oct 23, 2018 17:40 Asia/Tehran

Mr. T.S. Tirumurti, the deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and secretary of Council of Economic Relations of India has said that Iran's Chabahar port is important not only for neighbouring countries, but also for all the regional countries.

Iran Press/Iran news: At a news conference in Parsian Azadi hotel in Tehran on Tuesday, the official said "Let me first say that it is indeed a great pleasure for me to be here in Iran and in this lovely city of Tehran. The Chabahar port Project which all three countries have signed on, is an extremely important agreement.This is important for India, Afghanistan and Iran in the context of regional connectivity".

He concluded that "In this context, we have come to discuss how to make operational the agreement and this is keeping in the vision of all our three leaders to see how best not just three countries, but also the other countries in the region can use Chabahar Port for regional connectivity and we are confident that the technical team is going to discuss some of the aspects related to this,  that would be able to make it operational,  and it will be a very important milestone in our relationship".   

The trilateral agreement was signed in Tehran in 2016 at the presence of Iran and Afghanistan presidents and India's prime minister. The agreement aims to connect Southeast Asia, to Central Asia, Russia, Caucasus, the Sea of Oman and all countries of Indian Ocean to facilitate trade.

Chabahar is a main and the only oceanic port of Iran, located to the far southeast on the Gulf of Oman.

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