Jul 13, 2018 17:32 Asia/Tehran

A conference in the western Iranian city of Hamedan seeks to promote the historic city of Hamedan, and the province of the same name, as a major tourist attraction site.

Foreign ambassadors and charge d'affairs of 28 countries gathered together in the city of Hamedan in western Iran on Thursday / Friday, to get to know this historic city, with a rich history and culture -- a city brimming with  archeological and historic treasures.

The main objective of the international conference of ambassadors and heads of diplomatic missions in Hamadan, is to promote the business and industry of Hamedan, to attract investment into the province, and to introduce Hamedan's  many tourist attraction sites to a very broad audience which includes ambassadors of foreign countries.

On of the main speakers at the conference was Mr. Moezz-el-dinn , who insisted that tourism offers a way to create many full time and part time jobs for the local people of Hamedan.

Speakers at the conference included senior Iranian diplomat, "Pakdaman" who heads the general public diplomacy department at Iran's foreign ministry, who talked at some length about the economic aspects of tourism.  Other speakers at the conference included  the Bulgarian and Malaysian ambassadors to Tehran, both of whom said they were impressed by Hamedan's beauty and tourist attraction sites. The Malaysian ambassador said Iran was a very large country with substantial natural resources.  

The deputy Australian ambassador to Tehran said she was very happy to attend the conference and that she would recommend Hamedan as a tourist destination to her fellow countrymen. 


The Czech ambassador to Tehran said she very much hoped that Hamedan would one day turn into a major tourist destination, attracting visitors from all over the world. 


The Armenian ambassador to Tehran praised Hamedan as a wonderful tourist destination, he praised the people of Hamedan for being hospitable and friendly, and praised Iran's culture, adding that he would reccommend Hamedan as a tourist destination to all his fellow countrymen in Armenia. 


The Ghanaian  ambassador to Tehran said he would definitely visit the city of  Hamedan again, and next time round, his wife and children would accompany him.  

Mr. Araqi, a deputy to the provincial governor of Hamedan, emphasized the economic and business aspects of the conference, and said the private sector should get involved in attracting foreign investors and tourists to Hamedan province.


Another speaker at the conference was Mr. Zebardast , the head of the Hamedan chamber of commerce , who said he hoped to change the atmosphere of the city to make it more attractive to foreign tourists  and to draw in the tourists..

It is worth noting that the organizers of the conference expressed satisfaction with the attendance of the event, and described the conference as a success.   The city of Hamedan was the capital of Iran more than two thousand years ago, during  the Parthian era.