May 17, 2018 15:15 Asia/Tehran

An Iranian writer said that martyred Major General Valiollah Fallahi was an extraordinary man.

Responsibility, sincerity, commitment, sacrifice, and military knowledge of this great martyr was one of the main reason that persuaded me to write his biography and to research about his life", Ahmad Hosinia who wrote a biography book about martyred Major General Valiollah Fallahi said in an exclusive interview with Iran Press news agency on Thursday.

"What I wrote about martyred Major General Valiollah Fallahi is not limited to the biography book I wrote about his life, because I have been researching about the martyred for several years", Hosinia added.

"During this time, I realized that because of the martyred's roles in organizing, leading, commanding and operation planning in Iran's army, it is impossible to come to a complete understanding about his life just by a biography book so I decided to write other books about the martyred", the writer concluded.