Oct 03, 2018 08:23 Asia/Tehran

Spain’s government on Tuesday said it rejected any ultimatum from Catalonia on moving towards self-determination .

Iran Press/Europe:  Catalan regional head Quim Torra had threatened earlier on Tuesday to withdraw parliamentary support for Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez if he did not agree within a month on a self-determination mechanism.

According to Reuters,“We don’t accept ultimatums,” the government’s spokeswoman Isabel Celaa told journalists at a news conference.

“Self-government yes but independence no,” she added.

Recently,Catalan leader issued ultimatum to Spanish PM over independence.

The Catalan president, Quim Torra, has threatened to withdraw his crucial parliamentary support for Spain’s minority government unless it offers a new plan for regional independence by the end of the month.

Catalonia, a wealthy region in northern Spain, made a unilateral declaration of independence in October 2017 but the move was stopped by the Spanish authorities because it was against the country's constitution.

A year later, the organizers of the illegal referendum are in jail or in self-imposed exile, Spain has a new prime minister and the economy has stabilized.

But the situation remains tense and could flare up any time.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, who ousted the conservative Mariano Rajoy in June, remains opposed to Catalonia becoming an independent state, something the Spanish constitution does not allow.

Catalonia's new leader, Quim Torra, earlier this month dismissed the idea that this could be a way forward and instead called on Sanchez to accept a legally-binding referendum on independence.


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