Jun 12, 2018 21:24 Asia/Tehran
  • Paris hostage crisis: Suspect arrested after holding three hostage

A man took three people hostage in Paris after entering an office building, claiming to be armed and carrying a bomb. Police later captured the suspect, after placing the area on lockdown.

France's interior minister Gerard Collomb wrote on Twitter:  "The individual has been arrested, and the hostages are no longer in danger."  Collomb thanked the police for handling the crisis.

Petites Ecuries street, in the 10th arrondissement of the French capital, was placed on lockdown on Tuesday, when a man took three people hostage, reportedly including a pregnant woman, in an office building.

The suspect wore a food deliveryman's uniform when he entered the premises and hit one person (who managed to flee) in the face, according to  the French channel BFM TV.