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  • Muharram mourning ceremony held in Nigeria
    Muharram mourning ceremony held in Nigeria

Despite widespread police restrictions, Muharram mourning ceremonies are being held all across of Nigeria.

Iran PressAfrica: The mourning ceremony to comemorate  Imam Hussein (PBUH)'s martyrdom is being held in various cities of Nigeria, according to the Twitter page of the leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria(IMN),  Sheikh Zakzaky, reporetd Iran Press.

 The office of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) also announced the widespread mourning ceremony of Muharram in spite of tightening police restrictions in the country.

Nigerian police have issued a decree ordering its forces to arrest Sheikh Zakzaky's supporters on the eve of the month of Muharram and the religious centers affiliated with them are banned from performing mourning ceremonies across the country.

 Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife were arrested on December 13, 2015, in a Nigerian military attack on a Husseiniyah in Zaria. Hundreds of Nigerian Shiites were also killed in the attack.


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