Qom (IP) - The seventh edition of conference of the World Front of Resistance’s Youth was held in Qom, south of Tehran, to condemn the UAE and Bahrain’s normalization of ties with Israel.

Iran PressIran News: The event was attended by international figures from the Muslim world and the Resistance Front.

Deputy Secretary-General of Hezbollah in Lebanon Sheikh Naeem Qasim, and a member of the Supreme Council of Seminaries of Iran, Ayatollah Mohsen Araki, two important figures in the Muslim world, delivered speeches on Monday at the international conference at the Dar al-Shifa Seminary in Qom.

Ayatollah Araki condemned the normalization of Arab-Israeli relations and said that the unity of the Palestinian resistance and the Palestinians is more important today than ever.

Some Palestinian currents must strengthen the resistance front, showing no compromise, for the enemy who has occupied Palestine with weapons, cannot be defeated by negotiation.

Sheikh Naeem Qassim also condemned the Arab states’ normalizing ties with the Israeli regime and said that no country (including UAE and other countries) seeking to normalize relations with the Israeli regime can ever decide on behalf of the Palestinians.

"The UAE's attempt to normalize relations with the Zionist Regime is a betrayal of Palestine and Quds, and that the action is of no benefit to the Palestinians', he said.


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