Chinese president has expressed concern over consequences of US "extreme pressure" on Iran and increase of tensions in the Middle East.

Iran Press/Iran news: Xi Jinping before departing Beijing for Moscow in an interview with Russian Media urged 'all sides in Persian Gulf show restraint toward current tensions'.

President Xi Jinping also emphasized on the importance of keeping nuclear deal between Iran and world powers for regional peace and stability and called for full implementation of Joint Comprehensive Plane of Action (JCPOA) by all side, TASS reported.

Tensions between Washington and Tehran have escalated after Donald Trump withdrew US from the landmark Iran nuclear deal in 2015 and reimposed sanctions on Iran one year ago.

Washington tightened sanctions especially oil sanctions sharply at the start of last month. It has also hinted at military confrontation, sending extra forces to the region to counter what it describes as Iranian threats.

President Xi Jinping said because of US "extreme pressure" on Tehran and the unilateral US sanctions, tensions have continued to rise in the Middle East. "The development of the situation is worrying," Xi added.

The Chinese President noted that Beijing and Moscow had identical positions on the JCPOA, and expressed hope that all relevant parties step up dialogue and consultations to calm down current tense situation".

China, which is in the middle of a trade war with the US, has also been angered by Washington's threats regarding purchase of Iranian oil. China is one of the main customers of Iranian oil.

"China will continue to firmly safeguard its own legitimate and lawful rights and interests," Xi Jin ping emphasized.

During his two-day visit to Russia (June 5-7,) Xi is scheduled to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin and speak at a major investor forum in St Petersburg.  101/211/205

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