Sep 16, 2018 10:26 Asia/Tehran

Typhoon Mangkhut is now on course to plough into China’s heavily populated south coast with winds of more than 177 km/h.

Iran Press- Asia/ The storm, which is the strongest the world has seen this year, was not as ferocious as feared, though due to the remote areas where the typhoon hit, the full death toll and extent of the destruction is still unknown.

On Sunday morning, the storm is hurtling towards China’s southern coastline. It will first pass by Hong Kong, where storm warnings have been raised to their highest level and hundreds of people have been evacuated to storm shelters, with businesses boarded up and most flights cancelled.

The typhoon is due to hit the Chinese province of Guandong by Sunday afternoon, where nearly half a million people have been evacuated from seven cities.

The category 5 “super” typhoon hit the northern end of the Philippine island of Luzon early on Saturday morning, with the high winds ripping the roofs off houses and pulling down trees and electricity pylons, and the rains causing fatal landslides and flooding. More than five million people were in its path.

The typhoon killed at least 28 people in the Philippines as it obliterated homes and crops and caused massive flooding.

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