May 14, 2019 12:14 Asia/Tehran
  • US bans 6 Chinese tech firms following sanctions on Iran
    US bans 6 Chinese tech firms following sanctions on Iran

The United States has banned six Chinese technology companies from exporting US technologies and goods.

Iran Press/America: The US Commerce Department said Monday four Chinese firms, which also have offices in Hong Kong, are being banned because of US sanctions against Iran, Reuters reported.

It said an additional two Chinese firms were added to the banned 'Entities List' because they supply technology to organizations affiliated with China's People's Liberation Army.

The Commerce Department also banned one Pakistani firm and five entities based in the United Arab Emirates from exporting US goods.

"We cannot allow China's civil-military integration strategy to undermine US national security through prohibited technology transfer plots orchestrated by state actors," said Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

China is a major importer of Iranian oil and was one of eight buyers who were granted a waiver by the United States to continue buying Iranian oil. 

Earlier, in an effort to increase economic pressure on Iran, the US announced it's ending waivers for countries importing Iran oil.  103/211/209

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