Mar 10, 2019 17:53 Asia/Tehran
  • Bolivian official: Venezuelan crisis should be resolved without foreign intervention

The president of Bolivia's Senate, Adriana Salvatierra has stressed that if tensions exist in Venezuela, they should be reduced through Venezuelans resolving their own differences.

Iran Press/America: In an interview with Iran's Spanish-language television channel, Hispan TV, Adriana Salvatierra said La Paz supports the Venezuelan national sovereignty and the right of the Venezuelan nation to choose. The top Bolivian official went on to rule out any foreign intervention in Venezuela’s internal affairs amid the escalation of the political crisis in the Latin American country, stressing that the turmoil must be resolved by the Venezuelans themselves through dialogue.

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Crisis in Venezuela

She further called on other countries to respect Venezuela’s national sovereignty and help the nation address its issues via peaceful means, reported Iran Press.

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Bolivia is getting prepared for October 2019 General Elections

The president of Bolivia’s Senate went on to describe Bolivia as a country which used to have 9 billion dollars gross national product (GNP).

Referring to the last 13 years of Evo Morales' presidency, Salvatierra further explained that due to the president's economic plans and tact, GNP has been quadrupled. It means that a GNP of 9 billion dollars has more than quadrupled to $ 40  billion and 885 million dollars.

describing the upcoming elections as a competitive one, she went on to call it a challenge and dispute between two separate governmental patterns.

In other words it there will be economic growth and stability together with the advancement of the legal, social and cultural essence on one hand and the return of the past problems of severe inflation and economic crisis on the other, like what Argentina is experiencing right now, here some of the people have to eat one meal per day like what used to be some 20 years ago.

The most striking change in Bolivia

Salvatierra stressed that Bolivia used to be a country where 11 multinational companies decided how the resources should be used with the American organization running in the country which would mean the constant killing and murder of the Bolivian framers and aboriginals. Top Bolivian senate official called the Bolivian national sovereignty as one of the main achievements so that the policies would be defined and determined, the economy, as well as the financial resources, could be managed all by Bolivians themselves.

Another achievement according to the president of the Bolivian Senate was the implementation of the principles of democracy in the country so that those who have been marginalized, having no ability to take part in the policy-making procedures and sharing the wealth could enter the society for democracy does not just mean the right to vote but rather it would mean that every member of the society could  have access to the series of rights being entitled to, like the public education, social security, housing etc…She also put issues like the active presence of the citizens and all ethnicities in the society in the same category.


The biggest future challenge: developmental projects for 2020-2025

While approving Bolivia's eye-catching advances Adriana Salvatierra went on to stress that the government considers itself committed toward the poor.

She went on to say that the developmental projects for 2020-2025 are aimed at eradication of the depravity so that the public access to the fundamental services including communications will be possible.

Referring to the first satellite technology launched some years ago she expressed hope to turn Bolivia to the main source of technology and mining products.103/203


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