Feb 13, 2019 14:40 Asia/Tehran
  • CNN admits Iran's progress has been impressive in recent years

America's Cable News Network, CNN, has admitted that Iran's progress in the past 40 years since the victory of the Islamic revolution has been impressive.

Iran Press/America: In an analysis published on its website entitled: 'Iran marks 40 years since Islamic Revolution with nostalgia and threats', CNN has admitted that Iran's progress in the past 40 years has been impressive.

The article published by CNN says: "Since the revolution, literacy rates have skyrocketed and access to healthcare and education has improved, particularly in rural areas of Iran and in the provinces."

The CNN article also acknowledges the multi-million strong presence of the Iranian people on the streets of Tehran on Monday 11th February, in support of the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic.

Interestingly, the article refers to 'Death to America' chant that has long been 'a staple' of the Islamic Republic's national celebrations, and refers to the Leader of the Islamic Revolutions' recent remark that: "When we say death to America, we mean death to Donald Trump, (National Security Adviser) John Bolton, secretary of state Mike Pompeo and a few other individuals who lead and govern America."

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