Nov 06, 2018 10:26 Asia/Tehran

US Midterms Election begin today (Tuesday, November 6), when the rivalries between Democrat and Republican candidates have peaked.

US Midterms Election

Iran Press/ America: Millions of Americans go to the ballot box to select all 435 members of the House of Representatives, 35 Senate members, and a number of state governors and other local officials.

At present, the sovereignty of the United States is entirely in the hands of the Republicans, and they have all three executive, legislative and judicial branches along with a majority of governors.

That's why US president, Donald Trump has implemented his controversial policies and plans over the past two years, regardless of the views of the Democratic Party and millions of its supporters.

However, polls often report Democrats' victory over Republicans in Tuesday's election. The latest estimates also indicate that Democrats will take control of the House of Representatives, and if the participation of the general public, especially young people, women and immigrants, increases in the November 6 election, the Senate will also be in control of the Democrats.

Democrats domination on either or both of the Houses will not only hamper the advancement of Trump's controversial plans, but also provide the conditions for addressing the political, financial and ethical cases of US president.

Some predictions suggest that, if the Democrats win the election, then perhaps, Donald Trump's trial and impeachment in Congress will begin.

The outcome of the 2018 election will show whether the Americans are embracing the path that has begun in the 2016 presidential election or wanting to reform Trump election. Thus, despite the fact that Trump's name was not written on Tuesday's ballot papers, the election has, however, turned into a referendum on the two-year performance of Trump's administration.

Trump hopes to increase the chances of Republican candidates winning by relying on improvement of some economic indicators, including a record on low unemployment rate in the United States, and a general fear of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers.

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Meanwhile, Democrats have focused on social insurance, tax reform in favor of the low income people, and maintaining the identity of multi-ethnic America.

Democrats, even for the sake of victory, have abandoned the political traditions in the United States and in an unprecedented measure have made the former president, Barack Obama, officially enter the electoral campaign in favor of party candidates.

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This intense rivalry and more bi-polarized socio-political atmosphere in the United States has caused some media outlets to mark the November 6, 2018 election as the most sensitive and decisive election ever since the last half-century. 204/103

Commentary written by: Amir-Ali Abolfath

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