Nov 04, 2018 17:36 Asia/Tehran
  • Restrictive rules bar millions of Americans from voting

Restrictive rules bar millions of Americans from voting in midterm election, a blow to Democrats as disenfranchised people vote is in favour of this party.

Iran Press/ America: Millions of Americans will be barred from casting ballots in Tuesday's (Nov 6) crucial mid-term elections due to electoral rules at the state level, which effectively exclude many minority voters to the detriment of Democrats, AFP reported.These restrictions can impact on results of  US midterm election.

As AFP reported, nearly six million Americans are excluded from voting because they are imprisoned, on parole or awaiting sentencing. 

African Americans are four times more likely to be unable to vote than the rest of the population, according to The Sentencing Project, a non-profit organisation.

Rules vary widely state by state, with some like Maine and New Hampshire allowing inmates to vote. 

But in places such as Kentucky, Iowa, Virginia and Florida, any conviction - even for a minor offence like possession of marijuana - results in lifelong disenfranchisement. 

 Some media say this restrictions are aimed at native Americans and minorities who traditionally vote for Democrats and It is a blow for Democrats at midterm election. 


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