Oct 31, 2018 12:32 Asia/Tehran

Iran's president said, this year's November 4th means a new oppression by the Americans but people know that the government is not afraid of US threats.

Iran Press/Iran News: Speaking at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday morning, president Hassan Rouhani said big countries both in Asia and Europe have told us in recent days that they will stand by us, they will support us, as the US tries to impose fresh sanctions against Iran.

According to an Iran Press report, the Iranian president pointedly added: "The Americans are retreating step-by-step; At first they said we will reduce Iran's oil exports to zero, then they said we can't do this in November, we'll need a few more months; then they said they be happy to reduce Iran's oil exports since it is impossible to reduce it to zero. The truth is you (America) can't achieve any of your targets. You cannot even reduce Iran's oil exports to the level that you claim, let alone reducing it to zero!"

President Rouhani added: "America will definitely not succeed in this new plot and scheme against Iran. You want to make the Iranian people angry, and Iranian people are angry -- they are angry with America and the numerous crimes it has committed, they are angry about the American government's criminal behaviour, they are not angry about their own government, they are not angry about their own country Iran, the Iranian people love their country and nation."

In further remarks the president said: "November 4th is important historically. November 4th is interspersed with some historical events in our country. We are sure the Americans will not win in this new conspiracy."

Rouhani added: "November 4th is the anniversary of the fight against capitulation for the independence of the Iranian nation and against US hegemony. This year's November 4th means a new oppression by the Americans."

On November 4, 1979, a group of Iranian university students took over the US diplomatic mission, which they believed had turned into a center of espionage aimed at overthrowing the then-nascent Islamic Republic.

November 4, which falls on the 13th day of the Iranian calendar month of Aban, is also known as the Student Day and the National Day of the Fight against Global Arrogance.

The US government has decided to slap second round of what is calls crippling sanctions on Iran on November 4 this year.

Back in May, the US withdrew from the 2015 multilateral nuclear agreement with Iran and said it would re-introduce anti-Iran sanctions that had been lifted under the accord.

Washington reinstated a series of unilateral sanctions against Iran in early August and would re-impose a second batch in November which would primarily be meant to undermine Tehran’s oil exports.

Speaking at the session of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution last week, Hassan Rouhani said the United States will definitely fail in its bid to make 4th November a bitter day in the collective memory of Iranians.101/211


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