Oct 29, 2018 18:15 Asia/Tehran

Female suicide attacker injures nine on capital's Habib Bourguiba Avenue, Tunisian interior ministry says

Iran PressAfrica: A suicide bombing has rocked the main avenue in central Tunis, injuring at least nine people.

The powerful explosion, detonated by a 30-year-old female bomber, targeted a group of police officers on Habib Bourguiba Avenue in the Tunisian capital, Reuters reported.

According to the Tunisian interior ministry and eyewitness reports, the attack took place just before 2 pm when the woman approached a group of officers and set off her device.

An interior ministry spokesman said all but one of the casualties were police.

Some local media reports said the attacker detonated a hand grenade close to a police vehicle.

Video and photos on social media showed smoke rising above buildings on the avenue and police and emergency services attending to the wounded. Pictures also showed a body lying on the pavement, believed to be that of the bomber.



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