Jun 12, 2018 15:25 Asia/Tehran
  • US embassy calls Americans for evacuate Mozambique northeastern

The US embassy in Mozambique on Tuesday, calls for US citizens to leaving northeastern part of this country due to the probable terrorist attack.which is close to a major gas field.

Following concerns of US embassy about probably imminent attack of terrorist groups in northeastern of Mozambique, they said Americans must leave this part of Mozambique which is close to Palma near the Tanzanian border. this decision came after militants beheaded 10 people and killed seven others since May. 

The US embassy added, we strongly advise American citizens in the district headquarters of Palma to consider departing the area immediately.

Any sign of militant activity is a concern for the country’s fledgling gas industry and the area around the town of Palma near the Tanzanian border where the attacks took place is close to one of the world’s biggest untapped offshore gas fields.