Abuja(IP): Citizens of Nigeria in Abuja protested against the Israeli crimes.

Iran PressAfrica: Israeli war crimes, including the massive bombardment of the Palestinian residential areas- buildings, markets, and hospital- was condemned by Nigerian citizens on Monday evening.

Shooting the ambulance carrying the injured was the other war crime condemned by the people.

Protesters, mostly youth, were carrying the Palestine flag chanting "Death to Israel, Death to the U.S., we support Palestine."

In the ancient city of Sokoto on Monday evening, many people joined their counterparts in the world to show their solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine.

Nigerian Minister of Foreign Affairs Yusuf Tugga called for de-escalation and ceasefire between Palestinians and the Zionist regime.

The foreign minister in a statement released said "The Federal Government of Nigeria calls on both sides to exercise restraint, prioritize the safety of civilians, and give room for humanitarian considerations. We, therefore, call for a peaceful resolution of the conflict through dialogue."

On the other hand, many citizens of Nigeria are of the opinion that the statement of the Government is not enough because it did not include condemnation of Israeli crimes against humanity.

In a phone call, Abubakar Adamu, a citizen of Nigeria told Iran Press correspondent that the statement of the Government is not enough.

"The statement of our Government must reflect the actual stand of the citizens. We condemn Israeli terrorism against humanity in Gaza and West Bank but the minister did not condemn the Zionists terrorism," added the citizen.

Since the start of the Al-Aqsa Flood operation on Saturday, the Israeli military barracks inside the occupied Territory of Palestine were targeted with more than 900 Zionists killed, and some 2,300 wounded. Meanwhile, at least 560 Palestinian citizens were martyred, many of them were children.  The number of injured have been increased to  2,900.


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