Iran's Energy Minister, said that Iranians will turn limitations imposed by sanction into new opportunities.

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking on Monday in an interview with Iran Press, Energy Minister, Ardakanian said: "This is a good opportunity for us to strengthen ties between two countries mainly in economic and commercial areas, so these days we are hosting a big delegation of Russian officials. Businessmen from private sector, and different Russian companies are coming to Iran to take part in the joint economic commission as well as a forum for commercial and cultural cooperation between various countries of North Caucasus and Iran."

Energy minister continued by saying: "We will have discussions on agriculture, economy, industry, culture, tourism, energy and transportation during this three-day meeting."

I think this a golden opportunity at the time of involvement of Islamic Republic of Iran in the economic forum of Eurasia, Reza Ardakanian added.

The 15th Iran-Russia Joint Economic Cooperation Commission and 2nd Iran-North Caucasian Region Business Forum kicked off on Sunday with Iranian Energy Minister, the Minister of North Caucasus Affairs of the Russian Federation, and the deputy prime minister of the Russian Republic of Dagestan and eight regional ministers in attendance.

These two summits were aimed to facilitate the trade between member countries.

Ardakanian went on to say: "As I said before sanctions are just sanctions, they mean limitations, but we are looking for opportunities out of these limitations. Iran has excellent geographical position, we are in an area with 15 countries around us, and there are huge economic, business and trade opportunities between Iran and neighbouring countries, and Russia is the biggest such neighbouring country."


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