News sources reported on Friday that a US drone attack led to the killing of one and injuring several people in Idlib.

Iran PressMiddle East: One civilian was killed and seven others were injured in the attack. A US MQ9 RAPER drone with three missiles targeted a motorcycle on the Arihah-Al-Mastumah road in the southern Syrian province of Idlib, Syrian sources said.

As a result of the attack, the motorcyclist, who according to Syrian sources was a simple worker in the Afrin city council, was killed and seven other people were injured inside a vehicle near the motorcycle.

Three women and a child were reported injured.

The United States has repeatedly targeted Syrian civilians in recent years.

The number of civilians killed by the so-called US-led international anti-ISIS coalition in Syria has exceeded 3,000, a third of whom are children, the website of the Syrian Network for Human Rights recently reported.

The Syrian government has repeatedly sent letters to the UN Secretary-General and the President of the Security Council urging them to end US-led coalition crimes in Syria. 219