Mir-Emad Calligraphy Museum opened in 1997 in Sa'dabad Complex and houses a collection that displays the history of the art of calligraphy in Iran.

Iran Press/Iran news: Sa'dabad Palace Complex is one of the biggest and most beautiful palace-museums located in Tehran. This historic complex consists of many different museums and historic buildings.

One of its museums, Mir-Emad Museum, is dedicated to the art of calligraphy and its history. The construction of the site, where this museum is located, probably is one of the oldest parts which dates back to the 13th or 14th century of the Hijri calendar. 

Mir-Emad Museum of Sa’dabad Complex displays works of calligraphy covering a period of about 10 centuries. The first floor publicly displays works of art dating back to the pre-Islamic era, as well as Islamic writings, and handwritten manuscripts.

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