Tehran(IP) - The conference on the fight against racism and crimes of the Israeli regime was held in Iran's capital on Tuesday ( Mar. 14, 2023).

Iran PressIran News: The conference emphasized the recitation of the crimes committed by the Israelis in recent decades with some Iranian and Arab officials in attendance. Attending the conference, PIJ (Palestinian Islamic Jihad) representative in Iran said: "Israel has caused the racial segregation of Palestinians, apartheid, by building settlements."

Nasser Abu Sharif stated that the Israelis have become rich by looting and stealing the Palestinians' properties.

He recalled that since 1966, when the law against apartheid was approved by the United Nations, the racist regime of Israel has never adhered to the law.

Also, the executive secretary of the conference Alireza Karimian emphasized: "In recent decades, the ugly face of the child-killing regime has always been proved to the world, but Israel's racist policies have not been addressed much."

He stressed: "We should expose such crimes of the apartheid regime of Israel to all in the world."


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