The Syrian army, on Tuesday, once again targeted the positions of terrorists with artillery and rockets in the south of Idlib province, northern Syria,.

Iran Press/Middle East: Today, the Syrian army launched attacks on the terrorist bases and in the southern suburbs of Idlib, continuing to confront the terrorist groups supported by Türkiye.

Idlib province is the last bases of terrorists in Syria.

On Monday, the Syrian army also targeted the positions of terrorists in northern Syria.

The Syrian army is currently fighting the terrorist groups supported by Turkey in northern Syria.

Despite repeated protests from Damascus, Turkish and American forces continue to occupy parts of Syrian territory in the north and east of Syria under false pretenses, and also by establishing their affiliated terrorist groups, they are trying to prevent the return of peace to the entire territory of Syria.

Syria considers the continued military presence of Türkiye and America in its territory as occupation. The US is currently stealing oil resources and agricultural products of this country, especially wheat, in eastern Syria. 219