Tehran (IP)- Iran's IRGC top commander said: "Iranian youth have achieved the knowledge of diversifying various types of missile and UAV systems."

Iran PressIran News: Hossein Salami, the IRGC top commander in an exclusive interview with Iran Press at the unveiling ceremony of the hypersonic Fateh missile said that Iran has now reached the tactical technology of all kinds of systems and missiles.

The truth cannot be hidden and the recent reality of these extraordinary advances in the field of defense products, including missiles and UAVs which are made by using advanced technologies and artificial intelligence in Iran are clear, he pointed out.

He emphasized that the knowledge and technology of producing equipment such as the Fateh missile is unknown to most countries in the world, but with the brilliance of Iranian youth, these unknowns have become information.

Salami also said that Iran has reached the knowledge and technology of diversifying all kinds of systems in different sectors, and the Fatah missile is the result of this technology and knowledge that can pass through the anti-missile loophole.


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