Islamabad (IP) - Iranian President, Ebrahim Raisi says Iran and Pakistan, besides being neighbors and Muslims, have an unbreakable bond in their beliefs and that the people of Pakistan and Iran cannot be separated in any way.

Iran PressAsia: According to Iran Press, Raisi made the remarks during a conversation with journalists and while conveying the message of the Supreme Leader of Iran's Islamic Revolution to the Pakistani nation.

"While praying for success, progress, security, unity, and cohesion, the message of the Islamic revolution for all nations is a message of awakening, insight, and discernment. The message of our revolution leader for all of us today is to identify enemies and foil their hostilities and plots," the Iranian president said.

Raisi further stressed the need for Islamic countries to be friendly to each other, emphasizing that Iran and Pakistan have an unbreakable bond in their beliefs and there is no way to separate the people of the two countries.

Referring to cooperation, the president said that there are many political, economic, cultural, scientific, and technological capacities available in the two countries that can help boost relations to a new level.

We hope to witness the growth and development of relations between the two countries after this trip, Raisi said, adding that his country's priority is to develop relations with neighboring, Islamic, aligned, and independent countries.


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