Sarajevo (IP) -The head of the Islamic Culture and Communication Organization of Iran, Mehdi Imanipour, met with professors from the Department of Persian Language and Literature at the University of Sarajevo's Faculty of Philosophy.

Iran PressEurope: The meeting aimed to strengthen cultural and academic ties between Iran and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Imanipour highlighted the significant role the Persian language will play in the future, stating that it will become one of the most widely spoken languages globally. He emphasized the potential for teaching Persian in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the need to utilize these capacities effectively.

The Iranian official expressed his willingness to expand cultural and academic cooperation, including sending Persian language students and creating study opportunities for Bosnian students and professors.

This move aims to foster greater understanding and cultural exchange between the two nations.

During the visit, Bosnian translator and writer Namir Karahalilović was honored as an eternal personality for his tireless efforts in promoting Persian language and literature in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The Department of Persian Language and Literature at the University of Sarajevo has a rich history spanning over seventy years, making it one of the oldest departments of its kind in Eastern Europe.

The meeting marks a significant step forward in strengthening ties between Iran and Bosnia-Herzegovina, with a focus on promoting the Persian language and fostering greater cultural understanding.