France’s Patriots party has demanded that Paris pursue a peace policy and withdraw from NATO and the European Union.

Iran PressEurope: These demands topped the agenda of the anti-war march in the east of the French capital on Saturday.

"We demand a policy of peace and walkout from NATO and the EU," the participants in the rally were chanting. The demonstration had begun on Port-Royal Boulevard.

Saturday’s march was the third such demonstration in a row the Patriots party staged recently. The first was on February 12. On that day, party leader Florian Philippot cut the flag of the North Atlantic Alliance.

The Patriots oppose the supply of French weapons to Kyiv. In a tweet, Philippot called Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky "insane" after the Ukrainian leader demanded long-range missiles and warplanes from the West.

"For how long shall we follow Mr. Zelensky?" the French politician asked.