Nakba Day:

Gaza (IP) - One of the leaders of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) stressed that the Palestinian resistance has broken the shaky security structure of the Israeli army.

Iran Press/Middle East: Nakba is an Arabic word meaning calamity. Palestinians routinely use the term Nakba to describe the catastrophic events that followed the occupation of Palestinian lands. Each year, on May 15, Palestinians mark the day of the Nakba as they remember the events leading up to the creation of Israel in 1948 that would claim hundreds of lives and affect many generations in the years that followed.

In an exclusive interview with Iran Press in Gaza, Mushir al-Masri described the anniversary of the Nakba (formation of the fake Israeli regime) as a painful event; seventy years after this incident, successive generations of Palestinians are still committed to their land and following their fathers for the liberation of Palestine.

The leader of the Hamas movement stressed that the Palestinian generations will not forget Palestine and that the resistance has consolidated its military power and is witnessing its victory and dignity.

May 15 is Nakba day for the Palestinians and a symbol of the forced migration of Palestinians by the Israeli regime.

The day of Nakba for the Palestinians is reminiscent of the bitter days of occupation and confiscation of land and the first wave of displacement and expulsion of more than 800,000 Palestinians from their homes. 

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were forced to leave their homes, hundreds of villages were destroyed, and millions of their descendants now live scattered outside their former homeland, millions as refugees.


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