Iran's minister of energy emphasized on the importance of the North Caucasus region in boosting bilateral relationships between Iran and Russia.

Iran Press/ Iran news: Reza Ardakanian on Sunday said: "With a population of 10 million, North Caucasus region has an important and key role for boosting bilateral relationship between Islamic Republic of Iran and Russian Federation in a way that this region is considered as an entrance gateway for Iran’s goods to Russia and vice versa."

Ardakanian made the remarks in 15th Summit of Iran-Russia Joint Economic Cooperation Commission.

He added: "The Temporary Free Trade Agreement is concluded between Iran and five Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) member states, based on which, tariff rates of more than 800 commodities will be subject to tariff deduction," Mehr news agency reported.

"The business ties between Islamic Republic of Iran and Russian Federation has been moved forward in recent years," Ardakanian reiterated.

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He pointed to the five separate visits between Iranian and Russian presidents and also strengthening parliamentary diplomacy between Tehran and Moscow and emphasized: "In general, trade and business delegations of the two countries have held various expert-level sessions which shows development of bilateral ties between Iran and Russia in all political, security, economic and cultural dimensions."

"Location of North Caucasus region en route International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC) has contributed development of cooperation, so that the Islamic Republic of Iran has taken widespread measures for connecting domestic rail networks with this corridor," Ardakanian said, adding: "The recent inauguration of Qazvin-Rasht railway line, as long as 165 km, is a clear example of this claim."


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