Tehran (IP) - Deputy Commander of the Air Defense Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army announced the successful test of various combined capabilities of the "Karrar" UAV in the first joint large-scale Army drills.

Iran Press/Iran News: In a video link to the First Channel of Iran TV on Wednesday night, Brigadier-General Alireza Elhami said: "Accurate reconnaissance, machine gun, and Azarakhsh air-to-air missiles are features of the Karar UAV."

He noted that in the joint large-scale drone drills of the army, the capabilities of the upgraded UAVs were tested, and the capability of some of the UAVs has reached more than 2,000 kilometres.

He said improving the drones' target pointing, identifying the targets accurately and the battle area by using a new technology of reconnaissance cameras installed on the UAVs were other items tested in drills.

The first joint large-scale UAV combat drills of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army was held for two days.


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