In a statement on Thursday morning, the Nablus Battalions wich are part of Al-Quds Brigades, the military branch of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, claimed responsibility for the explosion of an improvised explosive device in the path of Israeli soldiers.

Iran PressMiddle East: Palestinian resistance fighters detonated a powerful explosive device on Wednesday evening during the raid of the Israeli soldiers, who had attacked Yusuf's tomb in Nablus to secure the illegal entry of the settlers.

Due to this explosion, three Zionist soldiers were injured.

After this explosion, the Palestinian resistance fighters continued to shoot at the soldiers of the occupying regime, inflicting casualties.

The explosion happened after the martyrdom of a young Palestinian, who was claimed by the Israeli forces to have carried out an operation against a Zionist soldier with a cold weapon in the Al Misrarah area of occupied Quds.

This is the second Palestinian youth who was martyred by the Israeli army on charges of carrying out anti-Zionist operations on Wednesday.

Another Palestinian youth martyred on Wednesday afternoon by the Israeli regime's near the Zionist settlement of Beit Hagai in the city of Hebron in the south of the West Bank.

The Israeli media claimed that the young Plestinian man intended to run over the Zionists with his car. 

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