Tehran (IP) - The Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces said that most of Iran's military productions are entirely domestic, and many of these equipment could not be displayed in the parade and are classified, and some of the facilities were displayed in the Persian Gulf and the seas.

Iran PressIran news: Major General Mohammad Bagheri stated: "What was displayed today in the parade is a small part of the abilities that Iranian armed forces have achieved."

He clarified: "We extend hands of friendship, brotherhood, and military relations with our neighbors and establish active diplomacy with the countries."

The National Military Parade of the armed forces started this morning (Friday, 31st of Shahrivar, September 22, 2023) with the presence of President Ayatollah Raisi, Major General Mohammad Bagheri, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, and senior commanders of the armed forces in front of the holy shrine of the great founder of the Islamic Revolution.


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