Head of Iran's Ministry of Petroleum Policy Council said that the private sector in the petroleum products has reached a good level in production and also manufacturing oil industrial installations.

Iran PressIran news: On the sidelines of First International Downstream Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries, Head of Iran's Ministry of Petroleum Policy Council Mohammad Naseri said: "In recent years, in addition to oil and gas production, Iran has achieved good growth and development in the field of petroleum products and construction of oil industry facilities."

He added: "In addition, it has reached a very good level in the field of technical and engineering services related to oil, gas and petrochemicals."

Referring to the first international downstream oil, gas and petrochemical industries exhibition, He stated that its main aim is to provide a good opportunity for the private sector which plays an important role in oil, gas and petrochemical area. 

He added: "This exhibition provides opportunities for each company to be able to interact with the other counterparts and to present products and services internationally."

Naseri also said this exhibition at the domestic level makes it possible for the Iranian companies to conduct a transparent interaction with their employers which are mainly in the governmental sector.

Ministry of Petroleum's official concluded that this exhibition paves the way for presenting Iranian private sector's capabilities to the global market in order to compensate sanctions on governmental sectors in oil, gas and petrochemical fields.


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