Mar 04, 2020 23:53 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Mar 05, 2020 01:08 Asia/Tehran]

Foreign Ministry has described the US delegation's visit to Idlib in northern Syria as furtive robbery.

Iran Press/Middle East: In response to the US delegation's visit to Idlib, the Syrian Foreign Ministry emphasized that this illegal act merely reflects the fact that the US government considers itself beyond international law and the UN Charter which emphasizes respect for the sovereignty of countries and non-interference in their domestic affairs, according to the Syrian state news agency (SANA).

The United States Special Representative for Syria Engagement James Jeffrey, the United States Ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft, and the US ambassador to Turkey David Satterfield illegally traveled from Turkey to Idlib, Syria, on Tuesday, March 3rd.

Following the escalation of tensions in Syria’s Idlib, Turkey has sent thousands of troops and heavy military hardware into Syria and Erdogan has warned Turkey would launch a full-scale offensive to repel Syrian forces unless they pulled back from Turkish observation posts in the region.

In recent days, the Syrian army has managed to liberate several areas and villages in the south and east of Idlib province. 

Syrian Army has reclaimed significant territory since launching a stepped-up offensive in December, including areas around some of the Turkish military posts in Idlib.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened the Syrian government in recent days, saying the offensive violates a 2018 deal with Russia meant to prevent a broad military operation.