Oct 24, 2019 07:32 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Aug 11, 2020 22:13 Asia/Tehran]
  • One Yemeni child dies every 12 minutes
    One Yemeni child dies every 12 minutes

Director of UN Development Programs has said that in Yemen a child under 5 dies every 12 minutes.

Iran Press/ Middle East: Achim Steiner said on Wednesday through his twitter account that the death of Yemeni children is due to severe humanitarian crisis in the country.

"A child under 5 years of age dies every 12 minutes in Yemen, mostly as a result of lack of water, basic nutrition, health care and medicines due to the conflict," Steiner said.

Over 6,000 children have either been killed or sustained serious injuries since 2015, the UN children’s agency said. The humanitarian situation in the country has also been exacerbated by outbreaks of cholera, polio, and measles.

The Saudi military aggression has also plagued the poor Yemeni nation with severe food and drug shortages. 207

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