Tehran (IP) - Iran’s government spokesman says that the outgoing US President Donald Trump’s policy of maximum pressure on Iranian has failed, and the next administration must act wisely if it managed to put that policy aside.

Iran PressIran news: Attending his weekly press conference, Ali Rabiee responded to Iran Press question regarding the Iranian government’s prediction on the US next administration's behavior, whether it will change the policies of the last for years or continue it, saying: "It is better new US President Joe Biden respond this question although they will not respond Iranian correspondents."

"During the election’s campaigns and after winning the election they have said about returning to JCPOA, but these remarks are not worthy until they put it into practice by lifting sanctions and returning to their commitments," the official went on to say.

Rabiee highlighted that the US Secretary of State tried to hinder the way of reforming the policies of the last four years and if the next government has the will to make changes, they can do what is best for the people in the region and worldwide.

"We wait to see what will happen and then will say our views more exact," he concluded.


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