Islamabad (IP)- Meanwhile the series of condolence references is continued in Pakistan after the martyrdom of late President Ebrahim Raisi, late Foreign Minister Hussain Amir-Abdollahian, and their companions, the media persons also express their grief and sorrow over the loss.

Iran Press/Asia: The newly elected President of National Press Club Pakistan (the mother Press Club nationwide) Azahar Abbas Jatoi says that the news was shocking for the Pakistani nation.

Expressing his views with Iran Press, Azahar Abbas Jatoi said, " late President Raisi visited Pakistan from Iran, the entire Pakistani nation became a fan of him when heard his speeches and meeting him. After hearing the news of his martyrdom, the entire Pakistani nation was shocked and the nation is still in mourning. The entire Muslim Ummah, irrespective of any sect or class, offered condolences as the Day of Mourning was observed in Pakistan as well."

He said, " The message was given to the world that the person who will raise voice for the common and oppressed nations rules the hearts. Late president rule the hearts, that is the reason why every person unforgettably expressed his condolences and feelings."  204