Tehran (IP) - The Ambassador of Yemen to Tehran stated that the Islamic Ummah should once again adopt the option of boycotting Israeli and US goods.

Iran PressIran news: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press, Ibrahim Mohammad Mohammad Al-Dailami said that the Muslim Ummah bears a heavier responsibility than in the past, especially in relation to the Bahrain-UAE plan to normalize relations with Israel and the readiness of other countries to join the plan.

"Today, the responsibility felt for the Palestinian cause has gone beyond governments and grassroots organizations and parties to the masses," added the ambassador speaking at the sideline of the 'Memorial for the Palestinian Martyrs' ceremony held by the Afghan nationals living in Iran.

Al-Dailami noted that Muslim nations must state their true views on supporting the Palestinian cause and the resistance.

"Muslim nations must stand against the Israeli-US conspiracies because they not only target Palestine but also the entire Muslim Ummah," stressed the ambassador of Yemen to Tehran.


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