The Israeli forces also are hitting the Gaza Strip back-to-back and the electricity generators in Al-Shifa Hospital Gaza broke down due to the lack of fuel.

Iran Press/ West Asia:  As a result of the Israeli forces' attacks on the Gaza Strip, 370 Palestinians were martyred and 2,200 others were injured, including several women and children.

The attacks were in response to thousands of rockets fired from the blockaded Gaza Strip in the Operation Al-Aqsa Flood towards Israeli-occupied territories, with sirens warning of incoming fire being heard as far away as the Tel Aviv area. 

Still, Palestinian resistance groups kicked off a new round of missile attacks on the Israeli settlements around the Gaza Strip.

Resuming their missile attacks, the Palestinian resistance forces targeted parts of the occupied territories around Gaza today, Sunday evening, and sounded the Israeli alarms. 

The Palestinian extensive operation Al-Aqsa Flood entered its second day as other resistance groups such as Islamic Jihad and Arin al-Usood (Lions' Den) joined Hamas to step in the anti-Israeli campaign. 

Also, Lebanon's Hezbollah military brigades hit three Israeli radar bases in Sheba'a, south of the country. 

As the Israeli sources report, from yesterday over 600 Israelis have been killed, and 2,048 others wounded 330 of whom are in severe conditions.The commander of the regime's communications battalion in the Zionist army was found dead, the Al-Qassam Brigade of Hamas announced. 219

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