Israeli Prime Minister has appointed deputy director of the national intelligence agency of Israel as new Mossad chief with alleged experience in Iran, and the Islamic Resistance Movement of Lebanon.

Iran Press/Middle East: Benyamin Netanyahu appointed David Barnea, 56, and currently, the Mossad's deputy director, who Israeli media said specialized in recruiting agents to work against Iran and Lebanon's Hezbollah movement, as the Israeli intelligence agency's new chief.

Barnea will replace Joseph (Yossi) Cohen, early next month, Netanyahu's office said in a statement.

Cohen is stepping down after more than five years at the Mossad's helm.

Barnea joined the Mossad in 1996, serving as a case officer. From 2013 until his appointment in 2019 to the Mossad's number two post, he commanded its Tzomet division, which Israeli media reports said recruits and run agents.

The Haaretz newspaper said that as Tzomet's commander, Barnea was responsible for enlisting operatives against the Mossad's top priority targets, Iran and Hezbollah.

Barnea's name and position in the Mossad could not be reported in Israel under military censorship rules until the announcement from the prime minister's office of his new appointment.