Iran's president said that the ISIS terrorists seek to complete the failed mission of the Western occupiers in Afghanistan, and ISIS attacks are carried out to create division, war, and religious bloodshed.

Iran PressIran news: Ebrahim Raisi made the comments on Sunday at the cabinet meeting, noting that the martyrdom and injury of worshipers in the Fatemieh Mosque in Kandahar, once again saddened the hearts of the Muslim Ummah.

He offered condolences to the Afghan people, calling on Islamic scholars and international organizations to pay attention to the recent crisis of Afghanistan.

"Given the growing volume of terrorist acts carried out in line with the US destabilization strategy in Afghanistan, the rulers of this country are expected not to neglect the security capabilities of the people while fulfilling their responsibility to ensure the security of the nation," Raisi stated.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran considers itself on the side of the people of Afghanistan and is ready to assist and cooperate fully to create lasting stability and security for the people of Afghanistan," Iran's president emphasized.